Oskar Söderberg, CIO & Supply Chain Manager at Boomerang talks about why they chose Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT.

Video Transcript

About Boomerang

Boomerang offices outside

Boomerang is a Swedish and Scandinavian fashion brand. We started in 1976 and we are located in Stockholm, Sweden. We have our head office here and about 30 employees. And then we have an own warehouse in Uppsala north of Stockholm, about 30 Boomerang stores – own and franchise – and then we have 100-120 retailers in Sweden as well and export market.

We had a specific challenge for us with our old ERP system, because it was very old, over 50 years, so we couldn’t grow with it and we needed a new ERP to grow with, that is why we chose to go on with it.

Deciding For TRIMIT

Oskar Söderberg, Boomerang

We decided for a TRIMIT solution because we thought it was the best option for us then, to handle our variants and items, and we looked at several and ended up in Pebblestone and TRIMIT and then we chose TRIMIT because it had good references and just the spread of the variants and articles we had to have.

To have one solution with our ERP and portal, we have several benefits. And mainly it is more seamless for us.

TRIMIT is a tailored solution for this industry, because for me I think that is handling of so many variants and items, so that is, I think, very good for this industry.

We decided for a B2B portal on top of this solution because we wanted to make it easier for our partners and actually our customers to place orders and easier for us to export the collections to ensure that the orders could be placed.

Implementation Process

Women working at Boomerang

To implement TRIMIT, it took about 8 months and we did it in several steps. Step by step in the company, and department by department to ensure it was a good implementation.

The TRIMIT solution live up to our expectation very good, we have a good base to level up. We can see good ways to grow with this as well.

B2B Benefits

Our customers and shops have received the portal very good. Much easier to place orders and they can do it whenever they like.

What I particular like with the B2B Portal and how it interacts with TRIMIT is that you can very easy export a whole collection to the portal from TRIMIT and that is very great benefit for us.

Industry Experience

Oscar Soderberg from Boomerang

The industry experience that EVRY One has has made it much easier for us to get started. They know the industry and maybe some challenge we have, so that has made it much easier to get started with different projects.


I would absolutely recommend EVRY One to others and I have already done that, so absolutely.

I would absolutely recommend TRIMIT to others. TRIMIT is working very good for us. Very good handling with our collections, articles and many variants that we have in the collections.

Oskar Söderberg, Boomerang. Fashion company

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?