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About Thygesen

Thygesen Textile Solutions is a third-generation, family-owned textile company based in Ikast, Denmark, whose activities include the design and production of private label textiles and headgear for women worldwide.

Recently, Thygesen chose TRIMIT Fashion to replace its ERP system in order to improve workflows and the transparency of its sales processes and activities.

"We now handle practically all processes ourselves, with nowhere near the same amount of technical support we used to need."

Allan Nielsen

Finance Director, Thygesen

From Two IT Solutions to One

Prior to the TRIMIT implementation in March 2015, Thygesen companies used two IT solutions, one of which was an older Navision-based solution with many customizations. This made updates a time-consuming and expensive affair, a problem Thygesen no longer experiences with TRIMIT Fashion. TRIMIT is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is therefore always updated; the standard solution requires no particular customization.

The standard solution matched the vast majority of Thygesen's everyday needs, and it has given the management a much better overview.

Flexible Reporting Tools

Allan Nielsen, Thygesen’s finance director, likes TRIMIT’s reporting tools in particular. “Our new reporting tools are very flexible and give us much better overview than our old solutions did,” he explains. “It’s much easier now to extract and compile data, and we can generate reports for the whole group or for each company.”

Integration between TRIMIT and Microsoft Office makes it easy to send information back and forth between TRIMIT and applications such as Excel.

Intuitive to Use

“It’s important to understand how much our users like the new system,” says Nielsen. “We now handle practically all processes ourselves, with nowhere near the same amount of technical support we used to need. TRIMIT is also much more intuitive to use because its role centers have a modern feel that is similar to Microsoft Office.“

B2B Webshop Saves Time

Role centers are not the only time-saving factor. Core, everyday tasks such as purchasing and sales have also become much easier. The B2B Webshop in particular saves time.

Nielsen is confident that the company can continue to improve its utilization of TRIMIT Fashion.

“We sell our products worldwide, and expect that our international dealers and distributors will use the webshop even more in the future,” Nielsen says. “This will enable us to process international orders faster. But we expect increased activity in Denmark, too, and the B2B Webshop will definitely make it easier to manage our domestic order flow as well.”

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?