SPORT 2000 International

Simplified and Accelerated Workflow

Since May 2012 SPORT 2000 International has used TRIMIT Fashion through the HSG Hanse Solution GmbH as their main IT system. This ERP solution especially developed for the fashion industry, and based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, has significantly simplified and accelerated the workflow of this great international sports goods supplier.

About SPORT 2000

SPORT 2000 International is the second largest provider of sports goods in Europe, with more than 3,500 shops in 25 European countries and yearly revenue of more than five billion euros.

The company was founded in 1988 as a procurement agency for sports goods.

In 2004 the company was divided into respectively SPORT 2000 International GmbH, which was responsible for products and purchasing, and SPORT 2000 International Marketing AG. Both sub-companies has a common headquarter in Mainhausen, Germany.

Great Variation of Tasks

“We are the link between the manufacturers and the retailers, we monitor delivery times and medicate goods complaints,” says Heike Bischoff, who is Executive Assistant and IT Project Manager at SPORT 2000 International, which is one of their many fields of activity.

In addition to the expansion of business with the brand suppliers such as Adidas, Asics or Reebok and the negotiation of special terms, SPORT 2000 International is also engaged in the development and implementation of own-brand collections such as V3TEC, High Colorado or York.

Other tasks include the worldwide promotion and expansion of the brand SPORT 2000 and the licensing, creation, implementation and monitoring of pan-European marketing campaigns and corporate identity guidelines. Besides from that, shopping events and meetings are regularly set up.

Previous Inventory System

SPORT 2000 International co-used the software of SPORT 2000 Deutschland, an inventory management system for wholesalers. “This should simplify the exchange of data,” says Heike Bischoff, “however, instead the constellation made the workflow even more complicated, as the two business models simply do not fit together.”

Business Models Collide

SPORT 2000 Deutschland bears goods responsibility, which means that all items must be listed until the very last piece has been sold. The international holding organisation, however, is more focused on the upcoming season. “If for example a particular color is not in our new collection, we do not need it in the system. The national organisations, on the other hand, still need to have them listed, as there are still items of this color left to be sold.” This meant that there was a lot of information in the system that could easily cause unnecessary ballast for and increased risk of error for SPORT 2000 International. Particularly problematic was when publishing product data in-house exhibition “Whenever we had an exhibition or were at a fair, we had to make sure that certain product features of the previous collection were not visible, so that we had to, for instance, set the prices at zero or use ”detours”.

The Target

SPORT 2000 International needed its own multilingual and international solution that could also address the reporting system in order to be tailor-made for their business. “We often got unclean data, because the solution only provided the view of the wholesale traders; a view of booked revenue, so that we at least could start off,” says Heike Bischoff. She misses appropriate evaluation tools. The new solution should make the required data transparent and accessible at all times.

The Solution

“Isolated solutions for the fashion industry were too unsafe for us. What about support and further development if the solution provider suddenly had to close? Even other solutions were too big and too expensive for us,” Heike Bischoff recalls. SPORT 2000 International was more confident in choosing TRIMIT, because of the fact that it used the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV and particularly in relation to the 17-year guarantee for further development. In addition to that, SPORT 2000 Österreich was already “on air” and they reported good experiences with this solution.

Supplier with Expertise

For the company it was very important to find an IT partner that could provide everything from only one source. In the process of decision-making they sought help at UBK GmbH, a neutral IT advisor.

“It had checked all the offers we had gotten and then it advised us to go for HSG Hanse Solution GmbH,” says Bischoff. The supplier scored with the product TRIMIT because of its many years of expertise in the fashion industry, with more than 250 successful projects since 1993, and their full package of software, hardware and network technology, in addition to only one single person of contact for the entire project.

The standard solution of ERP solution TRIMIT Fashion already covers the requirements of SPORT 2000 International. It is furthermore, through its modular structure, easily customisable.

The Implementation

In the summer of 2011 SPORT 2000 International placed their order by Hanse Solution. Through workshops and meetings the parties created a storyboard for the project. All employees that in the future were to work with the software were consulted. In that way they could raise any objections before the final implementation took place. Each intermediate programming was presented and if necessary changed again.

Besides, every staff member was introduced to the new system by attending short courses, which were made directly from their own office at work.

“Everyone has some sort of fear of implementation of a new system, but thanks to the commonly known Microsoft architecture of the system, we got acquainted with the system quite rapidly,” says Bischoff.

Easy Adaptions Into Live Operation

The actual start of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Role Tailored Client and TRIMIT Fashion for the ten users came, as planned, with the in-house exhibition in May 2012. Previously all data were entered manually.

“That gave us a huge amount of work, but we did not wish to immigrate any data, as that would mean we would still ‘have skeletons in the system’,” Bischoff remembers.

The new system was gradually and successfully implemented. The fine-tuning of the system, however, is still going on. As before, SPORT 2000 International now works parallelly with both the test system and the live system, and there are always minor modifications to be done.
“At this point in the process, we still have Hanse Solution at our back, and they are always right nearby. We are very satisfied with the service they provide. This is also what we hear from all our users,” claim Bischoff. She also says that the wishes and demands of the company are always met at once.

The Result

It is important to comply with the basic guidelines. The specifications that Hanse Solution had made in the budget were very clear and detailed.

“Even though there were continuously new unexpected specifications throughout the whole project, Hanse Solution remained within the budget,” says Bischoff. However, the time for creating and implementing the web shop was a bit too tight.

“At some point that was very stressful, but thanks to all our staff members and the employees at HSG, who all did an amazing job, we made it in time for the in-house exhibition in May.”

Improved Workflow, More Transparency

The fashion industry solution TRIMIT Fashion meets all expectations of SPORT 2000 International. Thanks to clear entry screens, the detection and monitoring of orders and sales is now much more transparent and faster than before, and furthermore, the financial system is fully integrated.

Last, but not least, the evaluation tools provide them with the opportunity to do efficient controlling. “With one click, for instance, we can see whether or not the minimum quantity of an order is in stock,” says Bischoff.

Furthermore, SPORT 2000 International simulates the sales and handling processes, and also in relation to this, the TRIMIT system supports the company excellently. “From the data from the past we extrapolate on the future. That is very important for developing new products and strategies,” stresses Bischoff.

Planned Networking

In the future SPORT 2000 International plans to maintain a stronger connection to its national IT partners. Latvia, Bulgaria and Austria are already working with a NAV solution.

“It should go very smoothly, as TRIMIT Fashion is both international and multilingual,” says Bischoff. “Our next step is hopefully to get even more national partners to join us on this highly recommendable solution, and thereby increase our network. We are pleased with our decision on TRIMIT Fashion and HSG Hanse Solution as our IT partner.” “We are now working more efficiently than ever before. If we were to make the decision again, we would definitely choose TRIMIT Fashion and HSG Hanse Solution again.” - Heike Bischoff, IT Project Manager of SPORT 2000 International.

About SPORT 2000 International

SPORT 2000 International GmbH is one of the leading buying groups in the European Sport Retail Industry with more than 3.500 outlets in 25 countries and a turnover of more than € 5.1 billion.

Sport 2000 recommends TRIMIT Fashion business software based on Microsoft Dynamics

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