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Everyone in fashion knows that production management can be time-consuming, especially when pro-duction takes place abroad. To solve this particular problem, the Swedish house of fashion shirts, Oscar of Sweden, chose TRIMIT Fashion as their new ERP system.

About Oscar of Sweden

Oscar of Sweden is a 2nd generation family company that focuses on high-quality shirts in the 100-150 Euro price range. They sell their products in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland, as well as in Canada and the US. They needed a modern ERP system to manage their production abroad.

We bought TRIMIT Fashion to get better control of the production, better calculations, and better strategic overview.

Per Åhman

Oscar of Sweden

Production Management

“We design and produce our own shirts, and that poses many difficulties, particularly when it comes to production management,” says Per Åhman, Oscar of Sweden.

“We design everything in Sweden. Fabrics and buttons come from all over Europe, and production itself takes place in Poland and Ukraine. We bought TRIMIT Fashion to get better control of the production, better calculations, and better strategic overview.”

Support Manufacturing

In many ways, TRIMIT Fashion was the ideal choice for Oscar of Sweden. Whether you manufacture shirts, children’s wear, or shoes, all activities are supported. For instance, TRIMIT Fashion includes a Material Requirement Planning (Demand Planning) tool for calculating the need for raw materials. Furthermore, the solution helps ensuring fabrics and trimmings are forwarded to the relevant production sites.

Gain Control of Stock

“With TRIMIT Fashion we’ll gain much better control of our stock of fabrics and buttons, which is warehoused in many locations,” says Per Åhman.

“It’s also very important that TRIMIT will help us handle import and export taxes across EU borders.”

Always Up To Date

TRIMIT’s policy of delivering a solution that is always up to date was important for Oscar of Sweden. About the “Zero Cost Upgrade” philosophy, Per Åhman only has one thing to say: “That’s a great plus, obviously.”

With a fashion solution ready for the future, Oscar of Sweden has a lot of future options. The next step could very well be to implement TRIMIT’s B2B Webshop to help service retailers around the world.


The solution was sold, implemented and supported by Swedish TRIMIT partner EVRY Sweden.

Clothing by Oscar of Sweden

See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?