One Step Ahead

Casall, a trendsetting Swedish sportswear brand, decided to upgrade their TRIMIT Fashion software in order to be one step ahead of their customers with a modern, automated, and secure IT system.

Why TRIMIT Fashion

In the process of choosing an upgrade of their ERP, a software vendor suggested that they look into alternative software solutions. However, Casall already worked with TRIMIT Fashion and they were satisfied with the product. Furthermore, Swedish TRIMIT partner, EVRY, showed great industry knowledge, which made the decision to keep using TRIMIT Fashion easy.

"The software stands out because it is developed specifically for our industry."

Stefan Nordström, CIO, Casall

Stefan Nordström, CIO at Casall, said, "The software is built for our industry, so it is actually a natural choice. Add to that an IT partner that really knows the industry, and the choice became so much simpler to make."

He continued, “The software stands out because it is developed specifically for our industry. See, for us, a product is defined by many different attributes. Together these attributes identify a particular product, called SKU (stock keeping unit). For instance, a product’s SKU can provide us information, including that particular product’s type, color and size, among many other things. TRIMIT Fashion handles all of these dimensions and keeps the whole together in a user-friendly manner. That is unique for TRIMIT’s software.”


With the upgrade, Casall was confident that they would establish a secure environment with a more proactive monitoring of all activities. They wanted to be one step ahead of the customer, benefiting from a more advanced and automated IT system, and they were not disappointed.

Fast Upgrade & Good Collaboration

The implementation of the upgrade took about 4 months. In response to this, Nordström commented, “As a customer, we expect things to move fast, but we understand that this upgrade has been much faster and more seamless than similar software upgrades from other companies. So it has been a positive experience.”

Casall was pleased with their collaboration with EVRY on the upgrade. “It is easy to collaborate and discuss with EVRY. They show us new angles. They know the industry, and have great suggestions on what to do.”

About Casall

Casall is a dynamic, innovative, trendsetting Swedish training brand with premium quality and smart designs. They offer a wide variety of both active wear and training tools to suit a large range of workout needs.

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Fashion in Action?