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Saving Time And Reducing Errors

An overview of their complex production process has been key to KP Komponenter’s (KP’s) competitive fight to the top. The component manufacturer’s already impressive flexibility is a quality which has been strengthened since the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT Configuration. The solution saves them time, and, at the same time, reduces the number of errors that would otherwise occur.

A leading vendor for well-known companies in Denmark and abroad, KP provides processing services for hydraulics, foodstuff, the offshore industry, various foundries, and customers with special assignments based on continuous product and process development.

Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT Configuration have helped us by supporting electronic order flow communications. This saved us a lot of time, and also reduced the number of errors

Martin Krogh Pedersen, Managing Director, KP Komponenter

Speed And Flexibility

When it comes to competing on the market, price and quality are critical factors, but speed and flexibility are equally important. This was why KP decided to switch their old IT system to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT solution in the first place.

“Obviously, planning and managing our production is demanding. At any given time, we need a 100-percent clear overview of which machines we can use for which products and when,” says Managing Director, Martin Krogh Pedersen. “That’s a prerequisite for being able to adapt production quickly, in order to meet a customer’s demand by delivering a specific order within a matter of days.”

A Growing Company

KP has a large CNC-machine capacity equipped with robots and automation for mass production, but which also works in very small series, and even for production of individual items.

“We haven’t experienced that Chinese or other Asian sub-contractors are undermining our business – quite the contrary. Our growth rates, both in terms of revenue and number of employees, is 25-30 percent, and everything points to that trend continuing,” Pedersen states. KP is an extremely flexible company where responsiveness, along with knowledge of products, methods and machines, are the most important competitive parameters.

“Chinese companies have the same machines that we have. But, while it takes them six to eight weeks deliver, we can deliver in high quality, and with the right logistics systems, within two to three days,” Pedersen says.

Saves Time, Reduces Errors

KP used to use an AS/400 system, which couldn’t communicate with other systems or vendors.

“It was quite closed and inflexible,” Pedersen says. “We really appreciate TRIMIT Configuration because it’s so open and easy to integrate with Office programs or whatever external systems our customers and vendors use. It’s incredibly easy to create a new item, perform analyses, or move data to another media, for example,” he says.

The company’s latest IT development was a digitalization of the customer order and confirmation flow, the customer invoice and payment flow, as well as communication with vendors.

“We have a huge quantity of customer transactions. In the past, they were faxed back and forth, and we used a lot of time entering orders and sending confirmations. Dynamics NAV and TRIMIT Configuration have helped us by supporting electronic order flow communications. This saved us a lot of time, and also reduced the number of errors,” Pedersen says.

Implementation - On Schedule

KP currently uses TRIMIT Configuration to support production, stock, purchasing and finances, and, to a lesser degree, sales.

Pedersen says that the implementation of TRIMIT Configuration went according to plans lasting around three to four months. This meant that the company was ready, and able, to put the new system in use according to schedule.

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Configuration in Action?