A Modern Solution For A Forward-Thinking Company

As their tagline, "Smarter Thinking - Smarter Solutions,” suggests, the Danish production company, JEROS A/S, likes to stay one step ahead. With this in mind, they let go of an older, specially developed XAL solution with a slew of Excel-based sub-systems, which couldn’t be updated. They have now moved onto a fully-integrated, modern Microsoft Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT solution.

" when we create a production order, it’s directly from the options found in the sales order. At the same time, it is applied to a production series, so we can easily see how much capacity is left for the given production week.”

Brian Jørgensen, IT manager, Jeros

From Out-Of-Date To Outstanding

Implementation of the new IT solution represented a break with old routines. The question, “Why are we actually doing it this way,” became relevant numerous times. Among other things, this lead JEROS toward a drastic clean-up of their core data. Item lists, location codes, and many other areas have received a significant overhaul.

According to JEROS’ IT manager, Brian Jørgensen, the process was long and difficult, but also healthy, in that it has resulted in a new ERP system with even greater value. JEROS didn’t just get a new IT system – the company has, in fact, cleaned up their business processes.

“Throughout the process, there was a strong focus on using the system to its fullest, incorporating our routines into it, and getting as good an overview as possible,” Jørgensen says. “For example, now when we create a production order, it’s directly from the options found in the sales order. At the same time, it is applied to a production series, so we can easily see how much capacity is left for the given production week.”

Exit Excel, Enter Better Key Figures

As mentioned, the implementation of the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT solution involved re-thinking processes. The company’s many employees were forced to re-consider the business processes and procedures that had been linked to the old XAL system.

The old ERP system was characterized by a lack of transparency and numerous sub-systems. These sub-systems, including Excel spreadsheets, had been picked up over the years to deal with challenges that couldn’t be tackled within the framework of the XAL solution.

“A good example of that is how we used to use an Excel spreadsheet for broad planning of the production week in order to get an overview,” Jørgensen says. “Once a week, we would have a co-ordination meeting, after which the orders would be entered into Excel. Only then could the production plan begin with regard to purchasing, Kanban items, and so on.”

JEROS is extremely satisfied with the new system’s functionality, which streamlines the entire production process. This is directly reflected in the company’s key figures, which include shorter production time and reduced inventory levels.

TRIMIT Configuration Offers A Better Overview Across Individual Functions

Generally speaking, there used to be a good deal of manual processes with a number of things that had to be remembered. These problems are history now that everything is entered directly in the ERP system. While handling work processes in the system is simple, the value derived is immense. JEROS has gotten great insight into how their business works and how everything meshes together.

“All the departments in the company have benefited from our new TRIMIT solution. In the past, the salespeople had quite a messy system where the overview of, for example, production, delivery times, and sales often went lost,” Jørgensen says.

Today, the people working at JEROS have greater insight into what’s happening both in their own areas and across functions.

Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT has given the group that works with production data more tools and possibilities to work across functions and daily work tasks.

“One example is that we now have three times as many people who can update core data with the goal of cutting down inventory levels and reducing time spent on production and production planning,” Jørgensen says. All in all, the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT Configuration has given JEROS a modern, transparent and future-safe solution that streamlines business.

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