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Simply the Best Product Configuration

In 2002, Halton was no longer capable of getting parts and updated equipment for their very old Pre-DOS solution, and started looking around for a new ERP system. They looked at several IT Systems, including SAP. However, in the end, Halton’s new ERP system proved to be a very easy choice:

“After having searched the market thoroughly, we knew that TRIMIT Product Configuration on Dynamics NAV would undoubtedly be our best fit due to the fact that, when it comes to configuration, this solution simply is the best.”

“When it comes to configuration, TRIMIT Product Configuration is simply the best”

Clayton Francis, IT Director, Halton Group Americas

Simple and User-friendly…

At Halton, each product is mostly custom-designed for a particular installation, which makes it very important that product configuration is as simple as possible. In accordance to this, Clayton Francis describes TRIMIT Product Configuration as “a very good, functional, user-friendly, easy-to-configure product that gives us great value, as it allows us to custom design our products in a very simple way”.

As regards user-friendliness, Clayton Francis and the other decision makers at Halton were very impressed by the user-friendliness of TRIMIT Product Configuration: “TRIMIT Product Configuration is very easy to use, and is, undoubtedly, far more user-friendly than any of the numerous other solutions we looked at.”

…at a very low Cost

One of the main reasons for choosing TRIMIT Product Configuration over SAP was that TRIMIT Product Configuration was far simpler, and that the price differential was huge: “Almost everything TRIMIT has set up has been easier and simpler to run than with SAP. Furthermore, it took far less time to get TRIMIT up and running than SAP, and the cost is a very BIG difference,” Clayton Francis states.

A Close and Fruitful Co-Operation

TRIMIT Product Configuration was implemented by Advanced Business Systems. Clayton Francis describes this implementation with one word: “smooth”. He also expresses his great satisfaction with Advanced Business systems:

“We have become very close with Advanced Business System – a very competent supplier that knows everything about our business. Thus, in close co-operation, we have been able to continuously evolve the system, thereby improving efficiency remarkably.”

Clayton Francis finishes off by accentuating that he already has recommended TRIMIT Product Configuration, and will continue to do so in the future.

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See TRIMIT in action

See TRIMIT Configuration in Action?