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March 31, 2017

Managing product information across different IT systems can be both time consuming and error-prone. Neither your customers nor your competitors wait while you copy or enter your data from one system to another like your webshop and perhaps a sales agent portal.

Wouldn't it be great to have a single software solution to seamlessly manage the flow of information across all your channels? This is what TRIMIT does, and the web-based Product Information Repository gives you a single point of access to all your product information.

In this blog post, we will briefly have a look at what PIR is and then have a closer look at the dashboard options and image management.


The Product Information Repository is a part of the TRIMIT software solution. PIR is short for Product Information Repository, and it provides a single web-based source for all product information like:

  • Product Data (measures, specifications etc.)
  • Marketing data (product stories, descriptions, labels)
  • Media files (images, PDFs, videos)
  • Multi-language content

The information you manage via the Product Information Repository can be used in one or more of your channels. This means that you no longer waste time on managing product information across multiple systems since all your information is stored in only one software solution, TRIMIT.

Overview of TRIMIT Product Information Repository. Easily manage product information across channels

Benefits Of Using PIR

The TRIMIT PIR is designed to make it easy to:

  • Work more efficiently with your product information
  • Share and manage information across channels
  • Get an accurate overview of all your information for product listings and catalogs
  • Improve quality and consistency of your product data

Selected Features & Functions

TRIMIT PIR comes with a vast collection of features and functions to make it easy to manage product information. In the following we will have a look at the dashboard and image management.

Dashboard in PIR

The dashboard in TRIMIT PIR is customizable to the individual user. It comes with a list of standard docks to choose from, but users can also create their own docks according to their specific needs and wants.

The TRIMIT PIR is of course responsive and accessible on PC and mobile devices. The screen shot below shows the dashboard on a PC.

TRIMIT Product Information Repository Dashboard. Overview of information across all your channels

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Image Management in PIR

Managing product images and related images can be time-consuming; Were the latest images named correctly, did the images come in the right sizes, and were they uploaded to the right webshop?

In TRIMIT PIR, we make it easier for you to work more efficiently. You can:

  • Upload images via FTP or from within the PIR itself
  • Have images tagged automatically so they are shown on specific webshops and portals
  • Change the order in which additional images are displayed on the product details page
  • Rename, tag and delete images
  • Do basic photo editing
  • Select where the images will be shown (B2B, B2C, Sales Agent Portal or External)
  • Change the color or pattern representation

Seamless NAV Integration

With TRIMIT PIR, you can see your images from both Dynamics NAV and the PIR in a single product page. Images from Dynamics NAV are marked with a Windows icon, and if you click on the icon, the NAV Web Client opens in a new browser tab displaying the selected item.

Image management in TRIMIT Product Information Repository

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Similarly, links to the PIR and Image Management are added inside of Dynamics NAV with TRIMIT making both the navigation and the user experience seamless.

Links to PIR & Image Management in Dynamics NAV

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More Information

To get more information about TRIMIT PIR or a demo, please fill out the contact form.


Dashboard in TRIMIT Product Information Repository. Easily manage product information across channels

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