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October 10, 2017

Well back from Microsoft Directions in Madrid, we really had some good days together with more than a hundred people from Microsoft and more than 2.000 representatives from NAV partners all around the world.

I must admit that I really enjoyed being part of this event, and just walking around talking to people that are so passionate and enthusiastic about the NAV product was in itself a great motivation for us to do an even better job in the years to come.

Dynamics NAV is moving forward, and the footprint is increasing as we speak.

At the conference there was a lot of interesting sessions around the product "as is", and what’s going to happen in the next versions to come.

Next NAV / 365 Releases

Microsoft revealed the next 3 versions that it will release within a timeline of only 1 year:

  • 1st of December 2017
    Dynamics NAV 2018 will be released. This release is “business as usual”, and only an on-premises version (of course still deployable in a private cloud).
  • Spring 2018
    Microsoft will release Dynamics 365 “Tenerife”. This is a true cloud version and only available as such, but it is based on the full functionality of Dynamics NAV 2018. It will be released in a number of countries at the same time. Final naming and conditions is still not decided, but will be revealed to us at the latest 1 month prior to release.
  • Approx. October 2018
    Microsoft will, from a marketing perspective, start using only the Dynamics 365 name and at the same time release the next version of Dynamics 365 as both an on-premises version and a cloud version, with identical functionality.

With this roadmap, Microsoft has presented an "AND strategy", meaning that we will see Dynamics 365 as both a cloud AND an on-premises business solution. However, Microsoft does emphasize that there are a lot of benefits to choosing the cloud version.

TRIMIT Aligned With Microsoft

In TRIMIT, we had some meetings with high level Microsoft leaders to make sure that we are aligned with this strategy. And yes, we have a big task ahead of us, but we are very eager to present the first step for our partners and customers.


You can download the roadmap as it look now at the end of 2017 here: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Roadmap (pdf).

Dynamics NAV & 365 - News from EMEA 2017

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