Qexpertise about being a TRIMIT Partner. Interviews from January 2017.

Video Transcript

"Qexpertise started to be a TRIMIT partner in 2009. In those days we were basically a NAV partner and we used TRIMIT like a normal ISV product. We find out that that is not the way to approach the market and that TRIMIT is far too big to do it in just that way, so we changed our focus into mainly TRIMIT product. We trained our people to be really the presenters of the product in the market and therefore we are quite successful at this very moment."

"After we became a TRIMIT partner, the sales and marketing activities changed a bit. From the standard NAV partner, shooting on everything what you could find, we are now focusing really on the specific branches, let’s say fashion, furniture and all the configurating industries, which gives us a better possibility to target certain customers and to be more competitive."

"When we are looking for leads for TRIMIT, we are focusing on a certain area. That makes it easier than to looking for leads for standard NAV because the area the branch itself is a specific branch. And we have also the advantage that customers is mentioning other potential leads to us."

"So it is not always searching it is just sometimes just getting the leads."

"Selling the whole package, so not only ERP but also the portals like the Supplier Portal, the B2B, the B2C and the Sales Agent Portal together, combined as one gives us an advantage to other competitors because they normally have to sell one, two, three or more solutions and we have it fully integrated within the solution itself."

"We stand out of the competition because of the rich functionality that it has to offer, the zero cost upgrade philosophy and the quick implementation we can offer to customers."

"Implementation of software is always a complex business, now TRIMIT gives us the advantage to have one product and one strategy and that is why in the last two years we changed into a situation, strategy where we have a standard implementation path which we roll out in customers in a couple of days. And customers love that."

"It is large, if you compare it to standard NAV, it is a very large add-on. But it is very flexible add-on."

"As a consultant, I can realize very quickly extra, additional info. I can add fields, I can add parameters, I can add dimensions if I want to without asking a developer to change anything in the code."

"And for me, that is a huge advantage. Because I can do it instantly. I do not have to wait another two weeks before a developer is ready."

"I would recommend TRIMIT to a partner if they really want to go after one of these fashion, furniture or configuration markets. If they are dedicated, absolutely go for it because they are the best."

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