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Growing With TRIMIT

"When we became a TRIMIT Partner in 2009 we had about 15 customers. Now we have about 40." These are the words Uwe Schaub, CEO at HSG Hanse Solution, use to describe some of the results they have had from the partnership with TRIMIT.

HSG Hanse Solution has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, and specialises in Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions. They have been a TRIMIT Partner for 6 years, and as Uwe Schaub explains, the partnership has lead to fast growth for Hanse Solution.

Not only have they been very successful selling TRIMIT. Being a TRIMIT Partner has also given them a solid reputation as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist, leading to sales in other areas.

Uwe Schaub, Hanse Solution

Committed To Fashion

An important reason for Hanse Solution's success is their commitment to the fashion industry. That commitment was also the reason why they chose a partnership with TRIMIT in the first place.

"We have had a strategic focus on the fashion industry for a long time," says Uwe Schaub. "When we had to find a new fashion software provider, it became clear that TRIMIT Fashion was the best option available. TRIMIT shares our strategic focus on the fashion market, and also, we have a solution that enables us to do business in other industries as well."

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You can learn more about TRIMIT Partnership on the page TRIMIT Partner Program.

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Troels Rasmussen, Head of Sales
Phone: +45 60 18 44 65
Email: [email protected]
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