CORNATOR's Secret of Success as a TRIMIT Partner

TRIMIT's Danish partner, CORNATOR, is growing fast. In 2015 their turnover increased by 20%, and they signed 15 new customers. TRIMIT would like to congratulate CORNATOR on these achievements - and get them to share the secret behind their success with other potential partners.

"The first ingredient is dedication," says John Kristensen, CEO of CORNATOR. "We're 100% dedicated to the TRIMIT Dynamics NAV solution, and we're very focused on the verticals TRIMIT is designed for: Fashion, Furniture, and Production & Manufacturing. We know exactly which companies will benefit from these very specific products, so we're able to target potential customers very precisely."

Whether the customers work in fashion, furniture or manufacturing, TRIMIT's functionality represents over two decades of best practice and industry knowhow. And CORNATOR's consultants share that dedication to the industry.

"Our job as consultants isn't only to be IT experts but also to meet our customers as business professionals who understand their industry," says John Kristensen. "We understand which problems they face and where they have untapped potential. And it's our experience that TRIMIT can solve their everyday problems right out of the box."

Keep it Simple

Since TRIMIT's standard industry solutions already cover all the standard processes, customers can start out with an installation that is surprisingly uncomplicated.

"Our philosophy with new customers is to keep it simple," says John Kristensen. "We can install the TRIMIT solution with a minimum of work hours and be sure that the solution runs smoothly. That way, our customers are satisfied from the get-go, and they trust us to integrate extra functionality whenever they need it."

Web Portals in High Demand

Setting up web portals for existing customers is one way for CORNATOR to provide additional benefits for their customers. In a world that is more and more online, TRIMIT's B2B, B2C, Sales Agent and Supplier portals make it easy to automate processes and save resources when handling orders or managing inventory.

And there's a very good reason for the customers to choose the TRIMIT portals over third party solutions: The portals are fully integrated with the ERP system. Everything will work right away, and the customer won't face the troubles and unexpected bills that often accompany third party software.

Zero Cost Upgrades and Opportunities

TRIMIT's Zero Cost Upgrade policy is also a success, both for CORNATOR and the customers.

"We see the zero-cost upgrade as a great opportunity for our customers to keep their ERP system up to date, and they see it the same way," says John Kristensen. "We can help facilitate the upgrade for a small fee, but just as often the newer versions provide an opportunity to help customers develop other parts of their business. That could be a new scanning system for inventory management, or a web portal, or a number of other functions that make their business more efficient."

Cooperation Increases the Growth Potential

Even in a small market like Denmark the potential for TRIMIT is huge. CORNATOR won 15 new customers in 2015 and added 20% to their turnover. And it doesn't stop there.

"It's our ambition to keep bringing new customers in at the current rate," says John Kristensen.

In particular, he's optimistic because TRIMIT constantly improves and adapts their solution to the industry's needs. Over the years, CORNATOR and other partners have suggested new features on behalf of their customers, and TRIMIT has developed new functionality to ensure that their product matches the needs and expectations of the industry.

"We have a unique working relationship with TRIMIT," says John Kristensen. "We've invested ourselves 100% in the relationship, and that's been a very large part of our success."

John Kristensen sees a huge international potential for the TRIMIT solution. He doesn't hesitate to recommend that others sign up as TRIMIT partners.

"I'm convinced that any partner who commits to working with TRIMIT will find the partnership very rewarding."

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