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Meet the needs of customers in 3 verticals with a great end-to-end software solution

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TRIMIT is an established, industry specific solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It offers unique features for apparel and fashion, furniture, and configuration customers worldwide to optimize the entire supply chain and is fully embedded into the solid foundation that Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers.

TRIMIT is built on the input from experts. The combination of ERP and e-commerce that comes standard with TRIMIT allows users to run their business more efficiently, manage thousands of product variants, sell products online and react quickly in an omni-channel market place.

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Seize the Opportunity

The comprehensive suite of features in TRIMIT has revolutionized the companies using the solution, and the reputation of TRIMIT is spreading to all corners of the world.

The TRIMIT Partner Program is the best there is. TRIMIT partners are so much more than just resellers – they are a unified and highly committed network of companies that are local extensions of the global brand. They share best practices, work and grow together.

Partners receive all the support they need to win deals and become successful industry experts with the TRIMIT product. They offer a different kind of services focused on adding value to their customers, not designing and developing a one-off, customized solution. They have long-term customer relationships that produces measurable results for themselves and their customers.


Industry knowledge creates customer confidence and helps win deals, and value-adding services increases customer loyalty to maximize their lifetime value customers to partners.


TRIMIT is a money maker for partners and is an engine for increased license and services revenues. Attractive, growing margins and great upsell opportunities keeps partners profitable.


TRIMIT partners are offered the know-how they need to ace three top performing industries with the same solution for predictable revenues even during niche downturns.

Hit the Ground Running

The TRIMIT product is loved and trusted by great customers and partners around the world. When partnering with TRIMIT, one of the very first activities is creating a 100-day plan that outlines how to lay the foundation of a profitable and progressive partnership. Product training, market strategy and marketing activities are all part of a successful partnership start, and TRIMIT holds the hands of the partner throughout this period.

TRIMIT - a Microsoft ISV - is looking for partners

Tools for Success

TRIMIT partners are hand-picked for their enthusiasm and industry expertise. To make them shine TRIMIT offers:

  • Customized marketing, lead gen and sales tools like demo sites
  • A training program that’s proven to produce results
  • Access to Partner Support Desk & Partner Portal
  • 12 months of free pre-sales assistance
  • A dedicated Partner Manager
  • Support with crafting initial business plans, deployment of the product and post implementation services
Success with TRIMIT's ERP business software

Increased Agility & Authority

TRIMIT partners have good reason to smile. They can leverage the invaluable insights gathered by TRIMIT and present themselves as bona fide ERP authorities. They receive TRIMIT updates for every update of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and tools to easily move their customers from one product version to another.

TRIMIT as a solution brings strength, scale and flexibility to their solutions portfolio, allowing them to work in three profitable niches - fashion, furniture and product configuration by mastering just one add-on.

Partner Speak

“We have had a strategic focus on the fashion industry for a long time. When we had to find a new fashion software provider, it became clear that TRIMIT Fashion was the best option available.

TRIMIT shares our strategic focus on the fashion market, and also, we have a solution that enables us to do business in other industries as well.”

Uwe Schaub

Uwe Schaub

CEO at HSG Hanse Solution
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Feel TRIMIT Is For You?

Here are some characteristics of our best performing partners:

  • A great pride in the product. Their sense of enthusiasm is palpable and clients intuit this passion to develop a favorable view of TRIMIT.
  • A sense of ownership. They think creatively and can devise unique solutions that aren’t in the playbook, impressing clients and offering genuine value.
  • A willingness to learn and keep evolving. High performing TRIMIT partners learn on the job. They start out as product experts and take advantage of the support available to become industry authorities.
  • A desire to see clients succeed. This is of paramount importance. TRMIT puts client satisfaction first and so do the partners.
  • A marathon mindset. Being a TRIMIT partner isn’t a sprint. Ace performers do repeatable sales and retain them for years to come.
  • A desire to specialize. TRIMIT partners understand the advantage of excelling in three profitable industries with one stellar product. And are committed to improving their understanding of everything TRIMIT for the best customer experience possible.

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Opportunities to earn, learn, and grow abound. Being a TRIMIT Partner stands for long term value and unparalleled stability.