• "We are now working more efficiently than ever before. If we were to make the decision again, we would definitely choose TRIMIT Fashion again."

    SPORT 2000 International recommends TRIMIT Fashion

  • "We were on the verge of choosing another very well-known Fashion IT solution, but when we were introduced to TRIMIT Fashion, we were soon convinced that this was a far better solution for us"

    Hunky Dory recommends TRIMIT Fashion

  • "We went looking for a standard ERP system built on industry knowledge. With TRIMIT Fashion we found all the fashion knowhow we were looking for."

    MnO International AB recommends TRIMIT Fashion

  • "You don't need to be a computer geek, to know what operational benefits are included in a fantastic IT-system like TRIMIT Fashion."

    Molo kids recommends TRIMIT Fashion

TRIMIT Fashion - Tailored to make your life easier

Several new collections every year - colors and sizes - outsourced production - demanding market, the challenges for a fashion company are endless. You need to keep track of all kinds of data from fabrics, to exchange rates, and you may have found different systems to do it all. But do they talk to each other? 

TRIMIT Fashion is an integrated solution that covers the entire value chain from quotation/order, through production to customer service. It gives you a unified platform where same things have the same name, where everyone works in the same system and where you can work much better together both internally and externally.

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TRIMIT Fashion Solution
Video reference - Imps and Elfs


Increasingly complex business processes at Imps&Elfs created a need for a new ERP-system. Imps&Elfs needed to replace a number of different systems with only one solution and their demand was clear: Their new ERP solution had to incorporate all the features necessary for a growing fashion company - therefore, they have chosen TRIMIT Fashion.

There are plenty of reasons for this choice - one is that it’s an integrated fashion ERP solution with extensive features, another is the availability of out-of-the-box web portals for sales people, agents, shops and suppliers.

Watch the Imps&Elfs reference video

Did you know?

The contents of TRIMIT Fashion is the result of more than 20 years of close cooperation with our customers. All customers shares their challenges and this way adds to the development of the TRIMIT solution.


Did you know?

TRIMIT is used globally, and our worldwide partner network takes good care of our customers. All TRIMIT customers work with one of our carefully selected partners close to them to get all the benefit from the solution.

You are more than welcome to contact our partners or us for further information about TRIMIT.

Did you know?

TRIMIT Fashion includes a number of web shops that matches your business. TRIMIT B2B Shop, TRIMIT B2C shop, TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal & TRIMIT Supplier Portal. All the web shops includes full integration into your TRIMIT solution. You get updated and easy access to information. You only enter the information once and then it is displayed in all relevant places. You can give your customers or suppliers better service by giving them access to your items throughout the day.

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Optimize Sales - Beat your Competitors

Being the best within your design area is not enough. You also need to work efficiently. Your customers constantly demand new products and expect you to be visible on a large number of sales platforms – from physical shops to web shops and social media.

There are great expectations to you! With TRIMIT Fashion you get complete overview of current and future products, best sellers, delivery times and prices. This is regardless whether the order comes through sales employees, agent or customer self-service or of course all technical units.

Last but not least TRIMIT Fashion comes with a complete package of industry-specific portals among these is TRIMIT B2C Shop – a web shop that supports your company brand.

More about TRIMIT Fashion's B2C Shop
Video reference - Småfolk

Everything is much easier now!

”Easier in this connection means less errors, better stock control, faster customer service and increased sales. In other words TRIMIT Fashion has given Dixie an extra advantage on the competitive fashion market”

Michael Resen, DIXIE

Cross Jeanswear

When ERP fits like a pair of good jeans

The advantages of implementing TRIMT Fashion at CROSS Jeanswear are obvious: All company processes – inventory control, accounting, 6 cash registers of CROSS Jeanswear in their stores, store back office, stock keeping, logistics and the central back office – are connected to each other and compatible. The same goes for the entire e-commerce functionality as well. All data is maintained in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and will be automatically updated in their B2B and B2C online stores of CROSS Jeanswear. It saves a lot of time and minimizes errors when photos and product descriptions only have to be fed into the system once and then appear in all the relevant places directly.

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